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Global Accounting and Tax professional Corp provides international business accounting and consulting services through SKYPE, successful businesses need international business accounting and consulting services to operate on an increasingly global scale. We are an independent accounting and business office serving small to mid-size clients with the need of a personalized touch.

Did you know ?

  • Investors in U.S. real estate who meet the definition of “non-resident aliens” may be able to minimize taxes and other expenses by owning real estate directly.
  • Non Resident who invests in U.S. real estate may be subject to several different types of federal tax, including income tax on rental profits, capital gains tax on property sales and estate tax on the transfer of property to heirs.
  • Investment in U.S. property through a foreign corporation eliminates exposure to the U.S. estate tax.

One of the first tasks you’ll face is entity selection. There are a number of ways in which to incorporate, and each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Global Accounting and tax Professionals will work with you to choose the entity that’s right for your business as well as the best state in which to incorporate to take advantage of tax laws and other incentives among many other services for example:

  • Taxes – personal and business
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Real estate Investments
  • Property Manager
  • New business
  • How to open a new company without having to be present in the USA.
  • Virtual Office
  • ITIN personal identification number for non- resident
  • Federal and State Correspondence

Electronic Consulting via Skype $99
which will be deducted from any service contracted with us.